Slate Digital Virtual Mix Rack

I think it is fitting that my first post in this new blog should be about the most amazing advance in recording that is actually available to every musician: Slate Digital‘s plug-ins. Slate Digital has created a wide range of amazing plug-in processors for recording and mixing that are revolutionizing sound recording at all levels of expertise. If you are a musician, you need to know about them.

I reached a watershed moment in reviewing Music Software when I discovered (with help from my friend Mixerman) Slate Digital‘s amazing plug-ins. Steven Slate and company have created digital emulations of some of the most sought-after classic analog gear that many of the industry’s top professionals find indistinguishable from the originals. This signals a revolution in sound recording, where home studios now have access to gear that has long been in the sole territory of major (expensive) studios. In some cases, gear that could cost $40,000 or more is now available for a few hundred dollars, with no sacrifice in quality.

I have filled dozens of pages of Just Jazz Guitar with rave reviews of Slate software, so it will take some time to get through their innovations on this blog. I have decided to start with the backbone of the recording system, Slate Digital’s Virtual Mix Rack (VMR).


The original VMR came with two great EQ’s and two equally amazing compressors. The FG-N is a faithful reproduction of a famous British equalizer, while the FG-S models the equalizer in a famous mixing desk used for countless hit records. The FG-401 compressor offers the best features of several of today’s most popular VCA channel compressors, while the FG-116 nails the sound and function of a classic American FET compressor. Before Slate Digital you would not have found this sound capability in any home studio that didn’t have a Rolls-Royce in the driveway.

Let me emphasize that this is the beginning of the Slate Digital odyssey. I’ll fill in the story in later posts, but today the most important Slate Digital news is their EVERYTHING Bundle. For a low monthly fee, you get access to every Slate Digital plugin PLUS several of the finest plugins they have sourced from third-party companies. I realize that this may sound too good to be true, but in fact it is too good to miss. Don’t take my word for it. See what’s included in the bundle here: