Slate Digital Recording Revolution

FG-116 Blue

Slate Digital has revolutionized recording in 3 ways. Their new FG-116 Blue Compressors demonstrate all 3 perfectly. I have shown each of these, as I realized what they were doing, in my column in Just Jazz Guitar. Here I update each one and gather the 3 together to show how Steven Slate has engineered a new paradigm in digital recording while realizing the dreams of millions of recording artists of all types and at all levels.

  1. CREATE PERFECT EMULATIONS OF THE BEST VINTAGE GEAR. The FG-116 Blue Vintage plug-in module sounds good enough to fool some of the best ears in the business, placing one of the all-time best compressors into your studio, even if it’s in your bedroom or closet!
  2. IMPROVE ON THE BEST. The FG-116 Blue Modern plug-in extends the capabilities of the original to give you even more flexibility. Any gear is bound to have some part that can be improved, and who better to find these spots than the team that reproduces them so perfectly? By placing these improvements in a separate module, you have the choice of using the original or “hotrodded” version.
  3. MAKE THEM AFFORDABLE FOR MUSICIANS. Most musicians aren’t rolling in cash, and it tends not to arrive at reliable intervals, so Slate has pioneered renting plug-ins. This allows you to pay a low monthly fee for ALL of the Slate plug-ins PLUS several excellent ones that they have chosen from other companies. Best of all, you only pay for the months that you are actually using them. So if you spend half of the year writing your masterpiece, and only four months recording it, you only pay for the four months. Best of all, if you were signed up for the EVERYTHING BUNDLE already, you would have received an email from Steven Slate telling you that FOUR new plug-ins were now available to you (at NO extra charge) with instructions on downloading!

I don’t know of a single company that can compete with Slate on ANY of their three breakthrough revolutions.

But as it should be, hearing is believing, so watch and hear Steven Slate demonstrate the new FG-116 Blue Compressors here.


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