Slate and Pearl Team Up to Produce “Mimic PRO”

I have written a lot about how great Steven Slate Drums are and found that most drummers agree with me (I haven’t actually met one who disagrees). Now Slate has teamed up with drum maker Pearl to produce a “drum engine” that can produce the best-sounding drums recorded in 24-bit at the finest studios around. You can choose individual drums for a set, select mic positioning, tweak the EQ of each drum, and record a performance (even include a headphone mix for yourself). Get in line quick for these, because they are going to sell quickly.


Click here to hear Steven Slate tell you all about them. The comments say it all!

Steven Slate Drum Sale

If you have read my review of Steven Slate Drums in Just Jazz Guitar you know that I consider them the best-sounding drums I’ve heard. The great news is that they are on sale at 50% of their regular price until Thursday, June 16, 2016 at midnight, including expansion packs for both SSD4 and Trigger.


Expansion packs add new kits, new instruments, and new presets for Steven Slate Drums and for Trigger. If you are not familiar with Trigger, it is an amazing program that can extract drums from your recordings and replace them with any of the Slate kits you like. The difference can be almost beyond belief.

Take a look at the sale on the Steven Slate Drums site and if you are not familiar with them check out their video tutorials to see why so many producers as well as home recordists rave about them.

If Trigger is new to you there are several good short videos that show how to use it to improve the drums on a recording such as this one and more in-depth reviews like this.

If you use a drum kit in your recording, be sure to check out Steven Slate Drums 4 and Trigger today, and take advantage of the sale. (Even if you miss the sale, the Drums are still a great price for such great sounding instruments.)

Jim Lill


I’ve been meaning to tell you folks about Jim Lill since I started this blog, and today’s the day. Jim is a guitar player. He specializes in country but he can play in any genre, and best of all, he will show you how to do the same.

Jim’s not just a top-notch guitarist and teacher; he’s also a great example of how to create and grow a musical presence and business on the Internet. I first noticed his YouTube channel when it was mentioned in Guitar Player, and then learned that Jim gave a free video lesson every week! Each one combines good humor with solid information. Is there anyone who doesn’t like the combination of high-quality and FREE? So this was the perfect way to get noticed at first, and I suggest that you all head to Jim’s home page and sign up for these free lessons.

Jim has since expanded to Instagram, where he posts a lick a day (with TAB) and now onto Patreon, where you can get more advanced stuff in return for a fee (you choose the level at which you want to participate and support him).

Because we have so many readers from Just Jazz Guitar I thought I’d link to one of Jim’s shorter videos on How to Fake Jazz Guitar. He also shows you how to fake most other styles, how to improve your harmonic vocabulary, gain speed in your playing, use pedals effectively, and much, much more. These are all short, no-nonsense videos that get right to the point and teach you something useful that you can use right now! Check out Jim Lill today.