Get Slate Digital’s MONSTER — For FREE


With The Monster Extreme Dynamic Processor, Slate Digital has done it again: they have created a Dynamic Processor that you have to hear to believe! At heart, it is a state-of-the-art compressor that lets you blend the “wet” and “dry” sounds. Wet / dry is more accurate than “compressed and non-compressed” because you have much more control than that. The Monster has High Frequency Detection that makes it react more “dramatically” to high frequencies, smoothing out the high end. Complementing this is a Variable High-Pass Filter that gives you control over the low end for more “punch” in your sound. And being a Slate Digital product, it even has a “Punch” button to get this sound more quickly and easily! Check it out on the Slate Digital web site and hear it demonstrated on the video here.

This great plug-in has an even greater price: it’s FREE!

One caveat: like all Slate Digital products, the Monster requires an iLok2 dongle for copy protection. These are inexpensive, and allow you to try out ALL of the Slate Digital demos. They also let you use Revival, another FREE Slate plug-in that provides wonderful air and space in high frequencies and body, warmth, and fullness in the low end, on either individual tracks or an entire mix. These two great plug-ins make the cost of the iLok2 insignificant if you don’t already have one. But there’s even a way to get the iLok2 free as well.

The best deal is to go for the Slate Digital EVERYTHING BUNDLE, and get all of the Slate plug-ins, some of the very best plug-ins from their partners, 5 great guitar amp simulators, and a FREE iLok2! Click here to see Everything included in the bundle, as well as a few upcoming ones that make it an even greater buy.

As I keep saying, Slate’s bundles are the best deals in the recording world. Why not test that for yourself? Try out The Monster, and Revival, and then some of the free demos. I’m confident that your music will never have sounded as good.


Jaco Pastorius Books

Hal Leonard has brought out some great books for bassists lately including two on one of the most influential bassists of all time: Jaco Pastorius. While often considered a jazz bassist, Jaco’s eclectic style has influenced players in all genres, and there are few better workouts than playing through and learning even one of his songs.

Jaco Play-Along

Jaco Pastorius BASS Play-Along is Volume 50 in Hal Leonard’s Play-Along series, and it contains 8 meticulous transcriptions of some of Jaco’s most beloved (and envied) songs. You can get more information including the song list by clicking here.

For a deeper look into Jaco’s style, and how to incorporate some of his most important innovations into your own playing, check out Play Like Jaco Pastorius, which is somewhat modestly sub-titled “The Ultimate Bass Lesson”. In fact it is a series of lessons that illustrate his approach to technique with examples from his actual playing on several of his most famous songs.

Play Like Jaco

The Gear section tells you the Primary basses that Jaco used (along with ones used more rarely) as well as his favored amps and pedals. These help those who want to get a particular tone, or to emulate his rig in general. The example songs come from both his work with Weather Report and his solo career, covering both fretted and fretless bass.

If you feel you want a challenge, or have the need to take your playing to a much higher level, be sure to check out this great master class by clicking here.

Both books contain online audio that you can listen to and work with on the internet or download in mp3 format. The playing is worthy of this great master himself. Working with this book is time well spent, and could even change your life.

Meeting Dorico

If you have been wise enough to register at the Dorico site then you have received their invitation to “Meet the Team Behind Dorico.” Once again it provides more than it seems to offer since in addition to meeting the key members of the team we also get some fascinating glimpses of what the software will do. So I’ll just say that if you have been meaning to get around to watching it (or even if you thought you’d skip it) be sure to watch it. The video is short and informative.


Meet Team Dorico

One thing that stood out for me (sorry, I didn’t see the pun coming, honestly!) was that they hold daily group meetings standing up. That may seem like a little thing, but it shows the intensity of their working mode. If you want a meeting to go on and on, put people in comfy chairs with coffee and snacks. However, if you want to get to the core of the matter, have everyone stand and arrange separate meetings for important issues that are more time-consuming but don’t require the whole team.

An innovative atmosphere fosters all sorts of great ideas, and not just confined to software!