Jaco Pastorius Books

Hal Leonard has brought out some great books for bassists lately including two on one of the most influential bassists of all time: Jaco Pastorius. While often considered a jazz bassist, Jaco’s eclectic style has influenced players in all genres, and there are few better workouts than playing through and learning even one of his songs.

Jaco Play-Along

Jaco Pastorius BASS Play-Along is Volume 50 in Hal Leonard’s Play-Along series, and it contains 8 meticulous transcriptions of some of Jaco’s most beloved (and envied) songs. You can get more information including the song list by clicking here.

For a deeper look into Jaco’s style, and how to incorporate some of his most important innovations into your own playing, check out Play Like Jaco Pastorius, which is somewhat modestly sub-titled “The Ultimate Bass Lesson”. In fact it is a series of lessons that illustrate his approach to technique with examples from his actual playing on several of his most famous songs.

Play Like Jaco

The Gear section tells you the Primary basses that Jaco used (along with ones used more rarely) as well as his favored amps and pedals. These help those who want to get a particular tone, or to emulate his rig in general. The example songs come from both his work with Weather Report and his solo career, covering both fretted and fretless bass.

If you feel you want a challenge, or have the need to take your playing to a much higher level, be sure to check out this great master class by clicking here.

Both books contain online audio that you can listen to and work with on the internet or download in mp3 format. The playing is worthy of this great master himself. Working with this book is time well spent, and could even change your life.


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