Get Slate Digital’s MONSTER — For FREE


With The Monster Extreme Dynamic Processor, Slate Digital has done it again: they have created a Dynamic Processor that you have to hear to believe! At heart, it is a state-of-the-art compressor that lets you blend the “wet” and “dry” sounds. Wet / dry is more accurate than “compressed and non-compressed” because you have much more control than that. The Monster has High Frequency Detection that makes it react more “dramatically” to high frequencies, smoothing out the high end. Complementing this is a Variable High-Pass Filter that gives you control over the low end for more “punch” in your sound. And being a Slate Digital product, it even has a “Punch” button to get this sound more quickly and easily! Check it out on the Slate Digital web site and hear it demonstrated on the video here.

This great plug-in has an even greater price: it’s FREE!

One caveat: like all Slate Digital products, the Monster requires an iLok2 dongle for copy protection. These are inexpensive, and allow you to try out ALL of the Slate Digital demos. They also let you use Revival, another FREE Slate plug-in that provides wonderful air and space in high frequencies and body, warmth, and fullness in the low end, on either individual tracks or an entire mix. These two great plug-ins make the cost of the iLok2 insignificant if you don’t already have one. But there’s even a way to get the iLok2 free as well.

The best deal is to go for the Slate Digital EVERYTHING BUNDLE, and get all of the Slate plug-ins, some of the very best plug-ins from their partners, 5 great guitar amp simulators, and a FREE iLok2! Click here to see Everything included in the bundle, as well as a few upcoming ones that make it an even greater buy.

As I keep saying, Slate’s bundles are the best deals in the recording world. Why not test that for yourself? Try out The Monster, and Revival, and then some of the free demos. I’m confident that your music will never have sounded as good.


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