Steven Slate Virtual Microphone System

I was planning to blog about some great new books that have just come out, but I ran across a new article on the web site of Mix magazine that gives a rave review to the Virtual Microphone System (VMS) from Slate Digital. As I noted in my column in Just Jazz Guitar, Slate Digital has managed to emulate a number of classic, incredibly expensive microphones and mic pre-amps for the price of a single modern mid-level mic. As these classic mics get rarer and rarer, and so become pricier and pricier, the Slate VMS becomes a better deal every day.


I won’t ask you believe me, or even Mix: you can check out the real-world A-B comparison of the Slate VMS with some of the finest examples of the vintage mics at the famous NRG Recording Studios by clicking here.

I planned this blog to bring great deals to the attention of working musicians and recording folks, and in the world of microphones it doesn’t get better than this! When a product arrives that can be up to 100 times cheaper than the alternative, doesn’t it just make sense to check it out?


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