Dorico Release Date Set

Steinberg has announced that Dorico will be released on October 19, 2016. After four years of intensive development (and intense anticipation by musicians) the program will finally enter the marketplace.

Dorico features a revolutionary single-window interface as well as Steinberg’s own award-winning audio engine and a large collection of VST instruments to provide a complete working environment. It is built to take advantage of modern 64-bit multi-processor computers, providing true multi-tasking and speed for complex editing, scrolling, and other compute-intensive tasks.

If you have not been there already, head over to the Dorico site for all its details, as well as links to the live public introduction of the software by Daniel Spreadbury on October 18. If you are lucky enough to be in London that day, you can attend in person. Otherwise you can watch the live stream via Facebook, Youtube, or Steinberg’s web site.

On October 20, a German-language event will be held in Vienna. Be sure to get your free tickets in advance as it is liable to sell out quickly!


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