Dorico Live Demo – First Impressions

No doubt the Dorico streamed event will be posted on the Dorico Youtube channel and I highly encourage you to watch it if you missed it. I felt it was time well spent just to see the software in action. Even if you have followed all of Daniel Spreadbury’s Making Notes blog posts, seeing Dorico in action will be a revelation.

It is a dream come true to be able to just enter notes and then divide them into bars later. This sums up the whole attitude of making the software as easy and intuitive to use as paper and pencil. Dorico is optimized for laptop use and pretty much everything can be entered from the computer’s keyboard, although I’ll have to work with it for a while to see how much it takes to get used to some of the correspondences.

Seeing a line of eighth notes have dots added while the following one changes immediately to a sixteenth was another example of the types of timesavers built into the program. It seems that wherever possible, the program chooses the obvious solution, and yet you can change virtually anything. The range of options is stunning.

As promised, it is simple to add new pieces into a single file.

As Dorico is a Steinberg product, the playback engine is based on Cubase, and comes with many of its VST3 instruments and effects. The playback will be limited for the initial release but should be made much more useful in the series of free updates promised soon.

Music can be input from other programs via Music XML, but Dorico will format them its own way rather than re-creating the originating program’s layout exactly. Given the great look of the default settings of Dorico, I expect that this will actually be an improvement in most cases.

I expect that the video of today’s event will be posted by tomorrow, so I’ll suggest you watch it yourself. I have a list of tests to try for myself, and I’ll let you know my experience as they progress. So far, Dorico looks even more impressive now.


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