Slate Takes On the Entire Recording Process

For those new to Slate Digital I’ll give a short history,  then the new software and hardware. If you are already familiar with Slate, scroll down to NEW SOFTWARE.


When I first wrote about Slate Digital they had begun marketing plug-ins that emulated analog recording gear well enough to fool the ears of some of the best engineers and producers in the business. In fact, it was Mixerman who gave me the heads-up on Slate, and since he had been so adamantly against using plug-ins I had to hear them for myself. I was amazed.

As they continued to produce more and more software, they also moved into hardware with their MTX/MTi touch screen controllers for the plug-ins so that their emulations were even easier to use than the original hardware. (In his book #Mixerman and the Billionheir Apparent, Mixerman’s MTi console is virtually one of the characters, showing up at several key moments and always there in the background of his studio.)

Hardware continued to develop with the Virtual Microphone System, where a single mic and pre-amp is programmed to emulate some of the finest (and most expensive) mic & pre-amp combos in history, many no longer available commercially. Another dream-come-true for any studio owner.

As the plug-in list grew, Slate re-wrote the rules of selling plug-ins by selling subscriptions to EVERY plug-in that Slate makes, PLUS some of the finest plug-ins from other partners (their EVERYTHING Bundle).As of this writing, the price point has held at $14.99 per month for an annual licence; and $24.99 per month ONLY for months that you use the software; if you don’t use it some months, you don’t pay for it for those months.


Ever improving, this month Slate announced the VerbSuite Classics Digital Reverbs. By partnering wisely Slate is able to include “eight of the most popular professional digital reverbs from the past forty years” — some of which have never before been emulated — in a single plug-in. VerbSuite Classics uses LiquidSonics proprietary Fusion IR processing, which captures the actual tone of the modeled reverb and so “is able to reproduce the evolving character of modulating digital reverbs for the first time.”And since the EVERYTHING Bundle includes all updates and new plug-ins, bundle users have access to this suite of reverbs automatically and immediately. A similar set of Repeater Analog Modeled Delays is coming soon and will be available the same way.



The Slate Control is an analog monitoring device built as the “official monitor section of the new RAVEN MTX mk2, and the RAVEN MTi2.” It can be used as a standalone monitor control or be retrofitted into existing setups.



Slate has given the greatest gift to studio owners of all sizes by providing state-of-the-art processing and hardware at incredibly low prices.Their continual additions to the EVERYTHING Bundle makes it one of the greatest deals in all of music history!


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