MuseScore Has Major News

I’ve featured a lot of news on Dorico on this blog (and I will have more exciting stuff soon), but I have not forgotten the FREE scoring program MuseScore. For those who don’t need the high-end state-of-the-art features of Dorico, MuseScore is an excellent alternative.


First, Dave Conservatoire features a free MuseScore Crash Course on their YouTube channel. So far there are 20 videos to show you everything from installing the program to adding multiple voices and much more.

Second, Mark Sabatella’s excellent guide Mastering MuseScore: Make beautiful sheet music with MuseScore 2 has been updated to ver. 2.0.3. You can get it from or


Finally, and most exciting, the MuseScore team has begun work on MuseScore 3. This is set to be a long-term project, adding “intelligence” to many of MuseScore’s functions, and should result in a pretty amazing product. You can follow the progress of MuseScore 3 on the MuseScore blog.

Yes, this idea of a development blog does remind me of Daniel Spreadbury’s terrific one for Dorico, and obviously the MuseScore team have learned a thing or two from him. Then again, it was Daniel who advised me to look into MuseScore for you folks in the first place, and from the responses I’ve received many of you love it.


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