Quality FREE Guitar Videos

A lot of guitarists and other “experts” have been putting out a series of videos that review gear, or teach technique, or give other fascinating facts. Some are better than others, some are just a matter of taste. A lot of them follow a formula that I mentioned earlier when talking about Jim Lill. The idea is to give away high quality videos, and then make some money by using patreon to sell memberships or sponsorships, as well as selling books, T-shirts, or other “merch.”

One of my very favourites is Phillip McKnight. He always seems to have the most interesting gear at hand, and he shows a great understanding of it from both musical and technical points of view. You can see the wide variety of topics he covers on his YouTube channel here.


Just some examples of what he covers besides his excellent gear reviews: How to Greatly Improve Your Telecaster’s Tone for $3; Guitar Pedal Hacks; What Guitar Amp Would I Buy for $500?; and one that surprised me and inspired to me to share this channel with you: Two Pedals that Every Bedroom Guitarist Should Have, which was actually sent to me from my friends at Guitar Player. (I would have guessed the Boss one — I use it myself — but the other was a pleasant surprise!)

Since Phillip has just changed the format of his video production scheduling, you should check out his update video here. Besides learning about his various activities, you can also win tickets to the January NAMM show. Well worth a look!



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