Spotting Fake Fender and Gibson Guitars & Dorico Review Soon

Several problems here have slowed down my writing but my full review of Dorico 1.0.10 should be ready today or tomorrow at the latest. I truly hope it is worth waiting for.

Meanwhile, since several of you may be hoping for Fender or Gibson guitars this holiday season, you should watch Kennis Russell’s videos on how to spot fakes. Some clues are easy, some are combinations of clues, and others may be difficult for those who aren’t luthiers or qualified guitar repair folks. If you don’t grasp all of these tips you might want to bring along a friend who does, preferably a luthier or guitar tech. In any case, spotting a fake could save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars so these videos are well worth your time. They’re interesting even if you don’t plan to buy one of these guitars too.

Click here for spotting a fake Fender Strat.

Click here for spotting a fake Gibson Les Paul.

There are also some general tips on spotting fake Fenders and Gibsons that apply throughout the product lines.

My  advice is to listen and trust your own ears. For example, I’ve found Epiphone Les Pauls that sounded better than the actual Gibsons I compared them with, side-by-side using the same amp and settings. Brand and model are good starting points but your ears and fingers should make the final decision, along with the gooey stuff between your ears (and I don’t mean the wax).



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