Comment Craziness (and Good News)

I’m sorry if any of you tried to post comments only to have them disappear into cyberspace. I have no idea what is going on with them. At first WordPress marked every comment (at least all that I saw) as Spam, and would not let me change them. In fact, after I saw them once, they all disappeared. In fairness, the first three were spam, but several of the rest were real. Many of those were compliments, so please let me thank all of you who said kind things about the blog.

Two of you said almost the same thing: that it was good to have someone who gave an honest, informed opinion on things. This is what I am striving to do. I do not accept money for anything I feature on the blog, nor do I even mention something that I don’t think is a good deal. I do as much research as I can on everything I write about.

I still am not sure about what’s going on with comments because just as I had given up, Neil Sands managed to get a very good comment through somehow. Thank you Neil! My statement about the need for a series of updates having undermined confidence in Dorico was based on feedback I received from readers of this blog and from friends. I realize that I should have said “for some people.” I still have complete confidence that Dorico will be the notation package (if it is not already) and I enjoy using it for much of my own work.

One final note on comments: I realize how difficult it is to speak more than one language fluently (I speak 6, and can make a fool of myself in 3 others). However, it is very important to check your translation as some words carry different connotations although they may share some similar meanings across related languages. The example I am thinking of came today, and while it was clearly from a German speaker (I have a good idea of the words they meant) their request came across to the Spam engine as a threat. If I am right, the answer to your question is to click on the blue “Follow drdavewalkerblog” button just under the search field at the upper right of the page.


The good news is that the next update to Dorico is due VERY SOON. I have a date from Daniel Spreadbury but as I hadn’t asked if it was “on the record” I’ll just say that I rushed to post this today even though I am under the weather.  I will let you know all about it as soon as I can. I think this will be a very important milestone in a Dorico’s history.


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