Dorico Releases Version 2.2.20

Steinberg has just released Dorico 2.2.20. The majority of changes are bug fixes that were discovered (and then back-ported) from their current work on Dorico 3. You can read all of the fixes, plus new features, in the ongoing history file.

The new features are not huge but at least are interesting and helpful for workflow. For example, when you are in Print Mode you can use the Home and End keys to navigate. But you may be using Print Mode less often with this new version as you can Export the current page, current layout, or all layouts as PDF files; you can also Print the current page or the current layout whichever mode you are in. Not earth-shaking but handy.

When working with chords, you can choose to hear the entire chord when you choose even one note of it, or you can choose to hear just individual notes: your choice.

A little trickier is Dorico’s new action when you delete a selection: it will try to choose an object in the same position to save your having to re-choose with the mouse. Confused? Here is what the history file says:

Maintaining selection after deletion.When you delete one or more selected items, Dorico will now attempt to select another item nearby to the rhythmic position of the first deleted item, so that you do not have to pick up the mouse and click back in that area or otherwise manually reselect something in order to continue editing the music.”

I think this is one you will have to try to really find out. Check the history file for a fuller description of how objects are chosen.

Finally, when you import Tempo tracks you can choose to have them as system-attached text with or without borders if you don’t want them to function as Tempo tracks.

I’ll let you read the extensive list of bug fixes yourself. There are quite a few, so don’t miss this update!


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