Dorico says Goodbye to E-Licenser!


open lock


You may already have heard that Steinberg is changing its licensing system to drop the need for a dongle. This is already good news, but the first program to use the new system is Dorico 4! Yes, it’s coming.

If you are waiting for version 4 before you buy Dorico, be assured that “any Dorico 3.5 license that is first activated on or after 25 August 2021 will be eligible for a free grace period update to Dorico 4 when it is released.” This is directly from Daniel Spreadbury’s announcement from November 10. So don’t wait! Start getting up to speed on using this great notation and playback program.

… and MORE

More good news: This is just the start! Steinberg will be adding this feature to upcoming versions of Cubase, Nuendo, and HALion. However, note that this licensing feature will ONLY be available for the Mac or Windows versions. From the FAQ:


“Steinberg Licensing is only used by our software products for Windows and macOS. Our apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Chromebook devices will continue to use the standard licensing terms and systems of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.”


The secret behind this is signing into your Steinberg account at the start of the session. And you can have Dorico active on TWO computers at once. Need to switch to a third? Just inactivate one computer and activate the new one. Once again, Daniel Spreadbury covers this and much more in his announcement and there is even more information in their licensing FAQ here.


OK, Dorico 4 was “supposed” to be released at the end of 2021, but it was delayed to “early 2022” to help make the transition as seamless as possible, which I have no doubt is worth the wait. I would also be surprised if the team didn’t sneak in a few new features given the extra time!

Stay tuned for more Steinberg news as it happens.


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