Meet Dorico LIVE on TUESDAY

Tuesday October 18 (TOMORROW as I write this) Steinberg will present Dorico in a live-stream event on both the Dorico YouTube channel and the Steinberg web site. Daniel Spreadbury, arguably the most knowledgeable person on Dorico and its competition at a very intimate level, will present the software demo.Expect a lot more than just a list of features. I imagine that we will come away with a greater respect for the breadth and depth of the software, as well as having our concerns about features not yet implemented addressed honestly with some idea as to what is coming in the near future regarding these.

The event will include the “grand premiere of a short musical work for string quartet and piano … commissioned from Thomas Hewitt Jones” who wrote the piece using Dorico. Since the announcement states that a live performance of the piece will “also” be included  I’m hoping that this means we will hear it played back by the software as well. Solo strings are the most difficult instruments to play back convincingly from even excellent samples, so there is an extra layer of interest from just the choice of instrumentation. (Yes, many of us have our own libraries, but this would be a chance to hear what comes bundled with the notation software.) And since this is a piece from a prominent British composer, it seems likely that the “missing features” still allow significant music to be written with the software in its current state.

The time of the event is 7:30 BST (London time), which places it mid-afternoon at 2:30  here in EDT (New York time) and lunch time in PST on the west coast of North America. This is a demo that you don’t want to miss. You can be sure that I’ll be watching.


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